What is FLOW?

Intersectional feminists you say?

That’s right! We firmly believe in gender equity and we work to make sure that isn’t just the phrase of the year. What that looks like is spelled out below from our community initiatives and political engagement to our core membership program.

Walking the Talk

Be honest. How many wine and pizza nights have you had with your friends discussing everything from sex to politics and thought, “If we did this all the time, we could change the world!” FLOW wants to help you do just that.

As a member of FLOW, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, passionate people advocating for gender equity for all. Through educational, female-led discussions; community initiatives; political engagement; targeted social and networking events; and curated, female-centric volunteerism, you’ll make meaningful connections to the greater community.

The Speaker Series

Each lecture features someone leading in fields from business to government to the arts. Following each lecture, FLOW members can share their own experiences with the speaker and with each other in an intimate, judgement-free space. The investment is small (only $60 per year), but the rewards are huge. Are you ready?

And Another Thing...

It’s not just about membership. FLOW’s dedication to equity means that we believe in access to our common necessities. Can you think of a time when you used the bathroom and then, “Oh no!” They’re out of toilet paper. How did you feel? Awkward? Icky? Worried? We can relate.

This story is about FLOW keeping the bathroom of our host, Union Coffee, stocked with what we need to tend to our very normal bodily function — our period. Tampons off the luxury list? Check! It’s one of many things we do #forDallas.

Interested in partnering with us for a period product drive? We’re always down to help our follow menstruators out. Period products are, after all, a necessity — not a luxury. Let us know how we can help!

For the People, By the People

Last, but not least, FLOW has become political. In addition to toting a bus full of women to Town Halls, we offer quarterly Whine & Wines — a night where FLOW takes over a wine bar in the area to have a glass (or two) and take our frustrations out on paper. These letters then get mailed directly to representatives and senators so that our voices are heard. These events are open to the public. Follow us on Facebook to find out the where’s and when’s of the next Whine & Wine!